Does The Size Of Your Package Really Matter? Let Us Have The Facts Right


For a number of decades now, penis size has been a major source of controversy and anxiety for men. The anxiety is so intense that it completely undermines a person’s self-confidence in matters pertaining to sex. This is quite understandable, considering the importance of a penis size in men’s minds. But, does the size really matter when it comes to sex and pleasure?

Many men tend to be obsessed with their penile sizes. Apparently, most of them live in persistent fear that their organ is not big enough to perfect things in bed. Nevertheless, a recent research that involved around 1000 men of all sizes, shapes, and races discovered that an average-sized penis is approximately 5.5 inches.

Now that you have the facts right, let us get down to a more serious business.

Quality vs. Quantity
Having a larger package can be good, but does it matter in terms of having an intense love affair with your partner? While many men will tell you that size matters, this is an outright lie drawn from pure ignorance. A recent poll that was taken among women noted that at least 82% (of women) say that they prefer quality sex rather than quantity.

Usually, women tend to overlook penis size and consider many other factors, which don’t even relate to the penile size. When a woman is really comfortable with you, she will not consider the size of the dick. A genuine woman will focus on your capability to stimulate her with your personality.

The size of a penis does not really count. Whether your dick is 4, 6, or 8 inches in length, what matters is how you use it. You can have a rather small penis, yet have all it takes to satisfy her and give her an exceptional evening of passion and lust.

What do they prefer?
A research emanating from the UCLA noted that many women prefer an ideal dick size length of around six inches. The research was performed in the absence of other crucial variables—including attentiveness, sexual skills, personality, attractiveness, chemistry, personality, and more.

In another study, a group of women were asked to rank seven penis attributes in terms of length and girth. The length was ranked sixth, whereas the girth of the penis was ranked fourth. Most of the women, however, said they prefer other general appearances, such as penile skin and pubic hair appearances.

In simple terms, even when compelled to select amongst a set of penile features, size did not really matter that much to the women who participated in this study. It would also be useful to understand that anecdotally, for every female who prefers a bigger penis, there is likely one who is more inclined to a smaller one. Bigger is not always better.

In a nutshell; being a pro in bed has little to do with the penile size. However, many other factors like the attentiveness, sexual skills, personality, attractiveness, chemistry, and personality tend to matter a lot. Sexual satisfaction cannot and will not be hindered by the overall size of a penis.
An anxious and distracted sex partner is clearly far from the game, and may not be well-prepared for sex. Therefore, do not let the size of your penis hinder your performance in bed. Develop incredible sexual skills and get ready to have an awesome experience in bed.